Missingink provides a full-service merchandise experience. We provide our services a’la carte so you can utilize one or all of the services we provide. With over three decades experience designing and producing merch, working with Missingink ensures you are producing the highest quality products possible.

Merch Services

Fulfillment Services

Merch Services

Well Executed Merch = Increased Sales


Understanding what products your fan base wants translates into increased sales. From conception to production, our team has the experience to help you select the right combination of products appealing to your specific fan demographic.  Well executed quality merch sells.

Missingink’s success is based on over two decades working with artists producing and selling their products online. No better way to know what products are trending than from actual venue and online sales.  Access to this info helps us understand what the hottest selling items are as trends evolve. Trend tracking combined with expert graphic and product development gives Missingink our edge.   We are continually researching new products and print methods ensuring our merch options include all the latest styles and trends.

Merch Supply Services include:
• Graphic Design
• Product Line Development
• Merchandise Production (Domestic and Overseas)
• Trending Screenprint & Embroidery Applications
• Product Sourcing (Apparel Catalog Links)
• Promotional Products (Online Promo Product Lookup)

A product line with your personal brand is nothing to take lightly. Our vast selection of promotional products coupled with our expert merch services is a perfect fit for anyone looking to create their own custom product line.  Missingink puts quality and customer service first.

Fulfillment Services

Online Store Management and Fulfillment

Missingink offers 3 levels of services


Missingink BASIC Store

Basic Missingink Store fees are: Free Set-up.  $20.00 per month + a 20% fulfillment commission. No length of agreement leave anytime you like.

We manage all aspects of the online store. We handle all customer care as well as pick pack and ship. We accept all 4 major credit cards and PayPal as payment methods. You do nothing but wait for a direct deposit payment to land in your bank account for the past month’s sales.

Our BASIC Store can sell hard goods, digital downloads, and bundles.
Our stores can create coupon codes for marketing.
Our store admin offers sales, stock, and product reports. Your customer list can be downloaded with one click in EXCEL format as well.

We deploy stores by utilizing a simple cut-and-paste script allowing you to embed your store directly on your (or any) site. This makes the store easily theme-able by your web developer at the time of site build.

Here are some examples of our store interface installed on artist sites.


::BASIC Store Service Agreement::

Missingink PLUS Shopify Store:  

Missingink will set up and manage all aspects of your Shopify Store including store set-up, processing cards, paying all sales tax, and managing the day-to-day customer care issues.

Managed Shopify Store fees:  $500 set-up. $50.00 per month + any Shopify App add-on costs + 15%. 20% fulfillment commission.
No length of agreement leave anytime you like.

Here are examples of Fully Managed Shopify Stores we currently manage.

Contact us at cs@missingink.com for a customized Missingink PLUS Store agreement.

Fulfillment Only:

Fulfillment only services can be provided with a properly formatted .csv file from the client or we can tie directly into the clients online store and fulfill orders as they are placed.
Seamless integration with industry-leading services like Shopify, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, Squarespace and Big Cartel (just to name a few).

Fulfillment only fees $20 per month.
Fulfillment rate $2.50 per shipment + .50¢ each additional item.
Packaging cost if applicable.
Shipping fees are billed back to the client at cost.
Storage fees: $1 per bin location + .05¢ per item per month.

Contact us today and determine what Fulfillment Service Option works best for your project.